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Groove is in the heart

Hi my name is Keith I'm the owner of Flex Discotheques and if you are looking for a professional DJ to whom music matters, and has the knowledge & experience to provide your evening with something more than the usual musical menu often served, then you've come to the right place.


Everything from 50s Doo-Wop and 60s Power Pop, 70s Glam to 80s Post-punk Electro and Jazz Funk, 90s Grunge and Old School Hip Hop, from Indie Rock to House and of course Disco both new and old. Just point me in the direction you want your evening to go and make sure you have your dancin' shoes on. Every client is supplied with a link to an online Guest Request facility. This can be shared with invited guests so they can request tunes and leave messages to the host or fellow guests.


Outstanding customer service and attention to detail is at the core of Flex Discotheques. I'm always looking to achieve excellence in every aspect of my business, with this in mind, I'm not only a skilled DJ, but also have incredibly high standards and your event will be the most important gig I will have all year. Anything to ensure you get an event exactly as planned.